Payment Terms & Conditions:

Q. What is the payment schedule?

A. 50% of the total fee is due with the application through January 6, 2021. 100% of the total fee is due with the application after January 6, 2021.

Q. How do I make a payment?

A. We accept credit cards (via encrypted email, mail, or phone), checks, and wires.

Q. Will I receive an invoice?

A. Yes, if you submit your application without payment information, you will receive an invoice to process your payment.  Applications are not processed without payment.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. Notification of an exhibitor’s decision to cancel or reduce booth space must be submitted in writing to Exhibit Management. If an exhibitor cancels space on/or before January 6, 2021, the Heart Rhythm Society will retain the entire deposit or 50 percent of the rental fee. If space is canceled after January 6, 2021, the exhibiting company will be required to pay 100 percent of the total contract obligation.

Q. Will I receive a refund if Heart Rhythm 2021 goes fully virtual?

A. Heart Rhythm 2021 is a hybrid meeting, with both in-person and virtual exhibits.  In the event the in-person portion of the meeting is canceled, the virtual portion of the meeting will still take place.  In that case, exhibitors will receive a refund in the amount of the difference between their in-person booth fee and the virtual booth tier.
Example:  if a company reserves a 100 sq ft booth ($4425), they automatically receive a tier 5 virtual booth (valued at $2,000), so the refund would be $2425 in the event the in-person meeting cancels).

Q. Can I “downsize” my virtual booth tier if the meeting goes fully virtual to receive a bigger refund?

A. If Heart Rhythm 2021 goes fully virtual, exhibitors have the option of downsizing their virtual booth benefits by (1) tier to receive a bigger refund. 
Example:  if a company reserves a 900 sq ft booth ($39,825), a tier (2) virtual booth is automatically included (valued at $10,000).  In the event the in-person portion of the meeting cancels, there are (2) options:
– The company can keep the tier (2) virtual tier booth benefits and would receive a $29,825 refund ($39,825 minus $10,000)
– The company can downsize (1) virtual tier (in this example, to tier 1 benefits valued at $2,000) and receive a $37,825 refund ($39,825 minus $2,000)

Q. If my company still has a travel ban in place at the time Heart Rhythm 2021 takes place, are we able to cancel our booth space without penalty?

A. Per the information above, cancellations for whatever reason, after January 6, 2021, require that the exhibitor pay 100 percent of the total contract obligation.

Exhibitor Logistics:

Q. How can I access the Exhibitor Service Kit?

A. The Exhibitor Service Kit will be available in April 2021.  It is accessible to all contracted exhibitors via the website. It will require you to login and create a password.  Instructions to log in to the Exhibitor Portal were sent to you from A. Fassano & Company. If you did not receive any instructions, please contact Karen Kimakovich at

Q. Where can I find the shipping address and dates for advance and direct shipping?

A. In the Exhibitor Service Kit.

Q. Can I rent the Pre and Post attendee registration list?

A. Due to the rules of GDPR, The Society does not rent the attendee registration lists.

Q. What are the hours of the show?

A. This is available in the Location/Dates/Hours page under the General Information tab.

Q. What are the rules to offer food and beverage in my booth?

A. If you want to serve food or beverages there is a request form in the service kit. All food and beverage must be purchased through the official caterer, Levy Restaurants. The Heart Rhythm Society does not allow the service of alcohol. Please refer to the Food and Beverage approval form in the exhibitor service kit.

Q. Can we have presentations in the booth?

A. Yes, there are guidelines available in the exhibitor service kit, noting specific dates and times, approval of speakers, and product presentations.

Housing and Registration:

  Q. Where can I find the link to select hotels and register my staff?

A. The link to both hotels and registration is available in the exhibit booth confirmation letter. It is also available by clicking on the Exhibitor Resources button of the website.

Q. When does Housing open?

A. Housing opened to priority point exhibitors in November and opens to all exhibitors on January 21, 2021.

Q. When does registration open?

A. Registration opens on May 4, 2021.

Exhibit Hall COVID-19 Protocols:

We at #HRS2021 are working to create a healthy and safe environment for attendees, exhibitors, and staff in line with all current directives and recommendations that will enable attendees to make informed and safe decisions about their attendance. In addition, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center has upgraded the Building Management System, which includes replacing all air filters, allowing for a 25% increase in air filtration and improved air quality. HRS will abide by all recommendations in place in July 2021.

Virtual Innovation Expo:

Q. Is there an additional fee for an in-person exhibitor to participate with a virtual booth in the Virtual Innovation Expo?

A. All in-person exhibitors receive a virtual booth in the Virtual Innovation Expo included in their exhibit space fee at no additional charge.

Q. What benefits do I receive with my virtual booth?

A. The Innovation Expo booth benefits are comprised of 5 tiers.  The tier that an exhibitor receives corresponds to the amount of square footage they have reserved for their in-person booth.  Refer to the Virtual Booth Package Guidelines for the benefits that correspond to each tier.

Q. Am I able to “upgrade” to a higher virtual booth tier than what is already included in my exhibit space fee?

A. Yes, an on-site exhibitor has the option to upgrade to a higher virtual booth tier. The cost is determined by the monetary value of the upgraded tier, minus the monetary value of the tier that is received with their booth fee.
Example: if a company reserves a 100 sq ft booth, they automatically receive a tier 5 virtual booth (valued at $2,000).  If they upgrade to tier 4 virtual booth benefits (valued at $10,000), the cost would be an additional $8,000. Companies wishing to upgrade their virtual booth tier would complete the Innovation Expo Application.

Q. If I am a virtual-only exhibitor in the  Innovation Expo and not exhibiting on-site in Boston, what benefits are included in my booth?

A. Benefits will depend upon which tier the virtual-only exhibitor has purchased.  Refer to the Virtual Booth Package Guidelines for the benefits of each tier.


Q. What sponsorship opportunities are available to on-site and virtual-only exhibitors?

A. All exhibitors, on-site and virtual-only, have access to all #HRS2021 sponsorship opportunities.
Refer to the Sponsorship Menu for all details. For more information, contact Susan Waters at 856-344-3615 or via email at

Grants and Satellites:

Q. How can my company support education at Heart Rhythm 2021?

A. Heart Rhythm 2021 will offer a number of educational session topics that may align with your therapeutic area of interest, including:

  • Basic/Translational Science
  • Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices
  • Catheter Ablation
  • Clinical Electrophysiology
  • Virtual Health & Innovation
  • Health Policy
  • Heart Failure
  • Pediatrics and Adult Congenital Heart Disease
  • Practice Management

A number of flexible support options are available. Your company can stand out as a supporter of a full track of sessions or you may support individual sessions. Contact Ryan Cliche at or 202-557-8599 with your interest.

Q. Can I support an Award to be presented at Heart Rhythm 2021?

A. Yes! HRS offers prestigious awards to the top and rising stars in the field, and we need your support to offer these awards. If you are interested in making a significant difference in the professional career of a prominent name in our field and aligning your brand with superior achievement, contact Ryan Cliche at or 202-557-8599.